Day 31 – Ben’s Big Day

Ben enjoys a good meal with his good friends.
Ben enjoys a good meal with his good friends.

Nothing says you are creeping toward your 50th birthday like your youngest son’s 18th birthday.

We had a wonderful evening celebrating this bright young man’s turning of age.  We age a good meal and opened presents and played dice games.

And here is the thing:  I haven’t had steak in months…maybe even a year or more.  We eat a lot of chicken but rarely have red meat.  And so, when my oldest agreed to buy the fixin’s for Ben’s birthday dinner I was all for it.  But after eating a nice big steak, my gut told me for the next few hours that I’d just made a huge mistake.

It was a fascinating revelation.  My body has changed.  My diet has changed.  And it’s all for the good.

I love my son and am happy that he enjoyed the beef.  But in the future, I’ll spend more time eating the brussel sprouts and less time slicing the steak!