The Key to Happiness – Who Knew?

dollar billsMany Sunday mornings we like to watch the program, CBS This Morning.  Thankfully today’s program was dedicated to finances and money.  Because of today’s program, I have learned something that could possibly change my life:  I was pleased to see Suze Orman provide three easy steps to help every viewer find happiness.  Imagine my surprise to learn that the key to happiness isn’t good friends, a solid faith, loving family or a obedient dog.  According to Orman, the key to happiness is as simple as Saving Money.

I immediately felt sorrow for the many men and women have climbed to the highest mountain tops, searched for wise men with answers, sought solutions to the hard question: “What is the secret of happiness?

Some might have suspected that inner peace provided happiness.  Many have focused on serving others to find meaning in life.  A pitiful few have self-medicated with legal and illegal means.  Once in a while someone might search for the Key to Happiness in family, friends, pets.  Poor lost souls.

Little did they know that the secret to happiness is putting aside a few pennies from time to time?  Of course, according to Orman’s approach, the more money I save, the happier I’ll be.  A few pennies might not provide the level of happiness that I need to get me through my day, let alone my life time.  A few dollars in my bank account might only make my week brighter.  But a million dollars squirreled away would give me so much happiness that I wouldn’t need anything else.  It must be true because every millionaire is happy.  Right?  Elvis was rich.  Wasn’t he happy and healthy right before he died.  Howard Hughes was rolling in dough.  Wasn’t he at peace with his life and free of problems.

So, following Orman’s advice, it follows that more money means more happiness.  I’m glad that question is settled.

Or is it?  What if Orman is wrong?  What if money in the bank isn’t the key to happiness?  What if the Boston College study that investigated this claim is right and Suze Orman is wrong?  What if rich people are actually just as miserable as poor people and middle income people and people who use shells for their currency?  What if money is NOT the key to happiness?

I suspect Suze is doing pretty well, financially speaking.  And, to be honest, she looks pretty happy.  But I would be curious how much happier she would be if she owned a puppy.