Day 39 – Birding Brilliance

A fantastic Black-crown Night Heron on the banks of a Brazos Bend State Park waterway.

One of my life-long loves has been viewing birds.  I’ve carried my binoculars to outlying states and foreign countries.  I’ve purchased birding books covering multiple continents.  I’m constantly on the lookout for another new bird, another clear song, another flash of color in a thicket.

So the opportunity to visit the Edith L. Moore Audubon park this morning and the  Brazos Bend State Park in the afternoon were opportunities that I could not pass up.  In one day I experienced the thrill of viewing nineteen birds I’ve never seen before.

The amazing assortment off alligators, ibis, and moorhens provided a fantastic birding experience.  This experience is the highlight of my trip to Houston.

Wouldn’t it be great if each week I could have the opportunity to experience something new like this?  Wouldn’t it be amazing if every moment was a new discovery?  A new view of the world?

That was my day today:  A new and exciting view of the world.