Day 41 – A Walk in Space

Two thumbs up for this wonderful trip and the Space Center.
Two thumbs up for this wonderful trip and the Space Center.

Today’s travels gave us the opportunity to visit the Space Center of Houston and it was well received by all!

From the time I was a boy, space travel was one of those dreams that longed to be fulfill.  Not enough, of course to actually pursue a career in engineering or military.  I didn’t want to do the work, I just wanted to enjoy the ride.

A visit to the Space Center didn’t diminish my desire to experience the deep darkness of space.  It did help me understand better the amazing talents and skills of the men and women who have made space exploration possible for all humanity.

Through their courage and sacrifice, astronauts have pushed the envelop and entered a new frontier.  Through their brilliance and never-say-die attitude, engineers and scientists have opened new horizons through amazing technical advancements.

I accept the fact that I may never rocket off into space.  I might not be lucky enough change the course of history through my critical thinking.  I’m okay with this reality.  But I would like to think that my life, my words, my actions will make a difference to a small group of men and women – those who orbit my life on a daily basis.  I like to think that a kind word, a gentle touch, a warm smile can alter the trajectory of the lives close to me.

I know I don’t burn hot, like a Saturn V rocket but my goal is to last as long as the Voyager I, and perhaps make the same long-lasting impression.

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