Day 42 – Beach Travels

My first serving off oysters on the half shell.

We made our way to Galveston to enjoy some sun and surf.  Unfortunately, a cold front made its way through the night before bringing baseball sized hail and temperatures in the 50’s.

We kept our beach walking to a minimum but we thoroughly enjoyed our lunch and the site seeing that followed.

Our mid-day meal was enjoyed at a impromptu stop at Gaidos of Galveston.  This was one of the best decisions we made during our entire journey to Texas.

Our meal began with oysters on the half-shell.  And we all agreed that this was the perfect way to start our culinary experience.  Fresh from the Gulf, just outside our window, these beauties still had living barnacles clinging to the pearly casings.  When our entrees arrived, Ben enjoyed stuffed shrimp and asparagus.  Elliott and I savored the shrimp and grits with roasted, sliced tomatoes.  We finished the meal by splitting a slice of cheese cake and cups of coffee.

We received two extra treats during our visit.  Adam Vargas, Galveston historian and Gaido’s marketer, shared with us a brief but enjoyable history of the island and some of the high points to visit during our brief stay.  He was informative and friendly.  It made our time on the island even more enjoyable.

The service was extraordinary.  The meal was one we will always remember.  The atmosphere was stunning, even in the face of construction to upgrade.  This was one of the highlights of our trip to Texas.

Growing up in Indiana put limits on the amount of fresh seafood we enjoy.  We’re chicken and beef kinds of people.  A lunch at Gaido’s was more than we could have hoped for.  It was southern hospitality combined with the best food we’ve enjoyed during our entire trip to Texas and an elegant setting.

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