Day 44 – Return Trip

Our return flight to Indy was uneventful and enjoyable.
Our return flight to Indy was uneventful and enjoyable.

Can I stop for moment and marvel at air travel?  How is it possible that 100 people can load a tin can, travel at 36,000 feet above the ground at 300 miles per hour and arrive at another destination half-way across the country in a matter of minutes?

How is it possible that we can take this for granted?

We pay a couple hundred dollars for this adventure, which seems pretty cheap considering the technology of the craft and the skill of the pilots.  But we take it for granted!  Despite the advanced aerodynamics and science, the hundreds of flights in the air at any given time and the amazing success rate, we are still easily frustrated when we don’t get our little bag of peanuts or they fail to serve our complimentary 1/2 a can of diet Coke due to turbulence.

No matter:  It is this exact plane that delivered me home, safe and sound.  The flight was on time and smooth as butter.  I love airplanes and the fact that they return me to my loved ones so very quickly!