Day 46 – Walking with Swag

2013.04.08Here’s the truth about my life.  I am too old to swagger.  I have too many years behind me, too many bad choices, too many stupid decisions and too many pounds added to strut.

I might be proud but no longer can I be cocky.

I might boast but will never strut.

I have no Hawaiian shirts or checked shorts.

I live a vanilla life.  And I’m okay with that.

I drive a simple car, live in a simple neighborhood, wear muted colors and work a quiet job.  And life is good.

Sure, years ago, before I gained some experience with life, I could puff up my chest and swagger through a crowd.  Today, I sit in a corner and quietly drink my punch, content to talk to one or two people.

The point of all this?  We change.  We grow.  Hopefully, we grow up.  We see the world through lenses of experience and filters of wisdom.  Our journey, made up of the successes and failures, leads us to who we are today.

The starting point is not who we are.  The finish line is not who we were.  This race is all about the course we take and what we learn along the way.