Day 50 – No Picture For You!

This is weird, I know.  But for the first time in a VERY long time, I did not take a picture today.

I didn’t take a picture of my dog, my yard, my food, myself or the sky.

But you only have to know my week and this Friday, specifically, to understand.  This was a killer of a week at my work.  We were running 100 mph and I wasn’t even able to snap a shot with my cell phone.  I went from meeting to meeting, never stopping for a break.  I performed work-related tasks and data entry without a bite of lunch.  I went on to our small group and was out late into the evening…

And I never once thought about the camera, the picture, capturing a moment.

And this informed me.  A lack of picture also instructed me that I lacked direction today.  I allowed the day to control me, instead of me controlling the day.

I didn’t have purpose in my food.  I didn’t have purpose in my activity.  I didn’t have purpose in my movement.  I responded rather than planned.  I reacted rather than act.

That is now way to live.  I am the captain of this ship.  I am the master of my soul.  It is up to me to determine the course of my days…even the most hectic of days.