Day 51 – The First Mow of the Season

2013.04.13This was a very exciting day for me.  I mowed my yard for the first time in 2013.

I LOVE to mow.  It gets me outside.  It gets me moving.  It changes me from a grumpy bear, stuck in a winter cave to a new-born dear, running in the green meadows.

Mowing is the best exercise I can perform.  It’s more than just walking.  I push my mower.  I walk each and every step of my yard with purpose and intent.

We have a really big yard and really thick grass and a really wimpy electric mower.  This means that often I have to mow the yard in two different directions just to cut all the grass.

In the past, I’ve used run-tracking apps to measure my mowing experience.  I’ve calculated square feet.  I’ve crunched the numbers.  If I mow my yard one time, I’ve walked the equivalent of two miles, pushing a mower the entire way.  In the spring, when the grass grows fastest and thickest and requires a second mow, I will have walked four miles.  And remember, it’s pushing a mower through the hedge every step.

At the conclusion of my first mow, I am always tired and sore…And completely satisfied!