Day 54 – My Dog, Jack

2013.04.16With my wife away for a few days this week, I’ve had more time to myself.  Actually, that is not entirely true.  I’ve had exactly the same amount of time to myself.  In my wife’s absence, my dogs have decided that they require more time and attention.

This adorable pug on the right is Jack.  Jack came into our lives nearly ten years ago.  He’s one of those dogs that gets excited easily but you can never really understand what he is thinking.  He sits at your feet and stares at you.  He doesn’t want anything, doesn’t need anything…He just stares.

With my wife out of the house a few days, Jack doesn’t have anyone to cuddle with on the couch.  I think he is lonely.  And so, today, he started carrying around a tennis ball.  Understand, Jack NEVER plays with the tennis ball.  He might chew a bone once in a while but he never picks up the ball for a game of catch.  It just isn’t his nature.

But, like I said, he is lonely.  And I feel his pain.  I really enjoy having my wife close by.  We talk.  We laugh.  We argue.  We enjoy meals together.  When she isn’t around, I’m just not as much fun.  And so, this evening, I picked up the ball and threw it a couple times in an effort to help our loneliness.

To be honest, we both lost interest pretty quickly.