Day 56 – A Lost Soul

2013.04.18The hospital where I work is making some changes to the halls.  There is a new coat of paint and fresh colors in every direction.  They are also updating many of the signs.  As such, new directional signs and safety warnings are posted about.

But the signs aren’t all complete.  For example, this picture to the left.

Despite this sign’s intent, I am unaware of where I am and I have no idea where I’m going.  I do not feel reassured about my odds of surviving an emergency.

In the first 56 days of my Journey to 50, I’ve felt like this from time to time.  I’ve wanted to know where I am and where I’m going.  I need to know how to navigate my way out of the fat and fatigue that endangers my life.  I want to move from the emergency and into safe territory.

You can’t get to a better place if you don’t truly know from where you are starting.  And so, today I will re-evaluate my “starting place”.  I’m not going to look back to February because things have changed since then.  The landscape is different.  The Journey has taken me to a different place.  Instead, I’ll look at where I am today and where I need to go to be in the best mental, physical and spiritual place I can be.