Day 58 – Another Mowing

2013.04.20With the deluge of rain that we’ve received over the past week and the warm temperatures that accompanied many of the days, my yard has exploded!  Mowing was quite the chore!  And if my calorie counter is correct, I just burned another 1500 calories in the process.

So why is it that I’m not melting away before my very eyes?  Why am I not a leaner, meaner version of my former self?  I grunt and strain against the mower and the green growing in my yard.  I huff and puff as I trudge from one end of the yard to the other. And yet, I remain, as always, a sore, but fat version of me.

Well, friends and followers of Journey to 50, it will not continue to be so!  I vow change!  I declare that the yard and my determination will see results and both will benefit from the effort!  This is a fight I will not lose!  This is a Journey that I will not quit!