Day 59 – Slow Growth

We all need a little TLC as we grow and change.

My Journey Beyond 50

2013.04.21For nearly ten years I have cared for Bonsai plants.  Sometimes I am successful and the plants survive.  Other times, the little tree looks very good for a few years and then withers and dies for no apparent reason.

In fact, when you run the list of plants I’ve killed, it gets pretty long.  Thankfully, I have three Bonsai still in good health, despite my best efforts.

A Bonsai requires constant attention.  It must be watered with care, trimmed occasionally, and potted with precision.  I’ve placed all three living specimens near my writing desk to ensure that I don’t forget them.  Oddly enough, after nearly a decade of care, I still need the reminder to give them what they need.

My Journey to 50 is very much the same.  I need daily, even hourly, reminders of what I’m doing.  I have to remind myself constantly that this year is about…

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