Day 61 – Working For Fun

2013.04.23I write.  I write a lot.  Besides this blog that journals my trip from birthdays number 49 to 50, I have my primary blog (Austin’s Acre), a prayer blog, a study blog, a video blog, a book review blog.

In addition, I write for and edit a medical malpractice law firm’s blog.

Over the years I’ve become better at crafting my words, selecting my phrases and finding the best way to express myself.

My desk is nestled into the bay window of my living room and overlooks the neighborhood and the goings-on.  While concentration can be difficult as the busy world of my house goes on around me, I seem to be able to carve out many productive hours in this seat.

But I’m not limited to blogs.  While sitting at this seat, I’ve written dramas and skits.  I’ve crafted movie scripts and outlines for future books.  I pour over pages, dissect sentences and tell the many stories running around in my head.

So what will happen to all these words?  I actually have a four-point plan:

1. Write for my blogs every day (Over the years)

2. Submit more of my work for possible publication (Four more competitions this year)

3. Complete the children’s book that I’ve illustrated (by June)

4. Finish my novel (In one year)

Hey…A guy can dream, can’t he?