Day 63 – A Long Road

2013.04.25My day was HUGE!!  Starting at 7:00 in the very early morning I picked up our ultrasound tech and all her equipment and we made two home visits, finishing up just in time for lunch in the office.

My next few hours was spent responding to emails and preparing for my weekly meeting that always requires a hand full of Tums to survive.

Once that meeting was over, I loaded the car again, this time with my sleep equipment.  I drove to Bloomington, Indiana where I connected a patient to an in-home sleep monitor, thanked the patient for their participation in our study and drove the two hours home.

Walking through my door at 10 o’clock at night, I decided I’d done my fair share of work for the day and am going to call it quits for another 6 hours while I sleep.

Tomorrow won’t be as long but just as many miles as I head back to Bloomington to pick up my equipment.

There is never a dull moment.