Day 65 – Good Friends, Good Grief

2014.04.27Today was another great day.

My typical Saturday begins around 6 am.  I rise, make coffee, turn on my laptop, let out the dogs, feed the cat and return to my desk to write for a couple hours.

At 8:30, I log into Google+ and talk with my friend David for another hour.  Sometimes our discussions are funny and we laugh until we cry.  Other times, we hone in on a topic that needs serious thought.  More often, we swing between the two.

After we’ve logged off, and if it isn’t raining, I get out my extension cords and electric mower and spend the next four hours making my yard beautiful.  I noticed last year that the four hours really started to take their toll on me.  It’s the same this year.  My knees hurt and my shoulders are so very sore.  By the time I’m done, I’m simply exhausted.  But I love to mow and hate the idea of caving into a riding mower.  However, I see one in my future at the rate I’m going.

After the mower and extension cords are returned to their proper place and the garage door is shut, I usually putz around the yard doing a few minor projects.  Today it was edging a flower bed, planting some more onion sets in our garden, transplanting a few trees to prime locations and watching my wife tend her worm farm.

When we finally are believe we’ve done enough work for one day, we clean up and get ready for Saturday evening church.  We often sit with one or more of our friends, enjoy the music and the sermon, and gather in the “town hall” to talk.  From there we head to a local sandwich store where we all enjoy a late dinner and fantastic conversation until we close the place.  It isn’t uncommon for us to have to unlock the door to let ourselves out.

Today was no different from most Saturdays and it was wonderful.  Of course, I’m sore, but I’m satisfied.  Of course, I’m tired, but I’m also rejuvenated.  My body aches but my soul is renewed.  My eyes are tired but my heart is alert.

I love my Saturdays.