Day 70 – My Neighbor’s Flowers

2013.05.02I love to garden.  I enjoy planting flowers, vegetables, trees and shrubs.  And I think our yard looks pretty good.  Oh, sure there are many changes I’d like to make but overall, I like the direction we’ve headed with our landscaping.

But that doesn’t stop me from admiring my neighbor’s flowers.  They are beautiful.  They are stunning.  They are a patchwork of brilliant colors, perfectly arranged.

But if you ask my neighbor, she’d say that her beds are in need of attention.  She would point to the weeds.  She would bemoan the lack of time she has to attend her flowers.

It’s the same with working out, eating right, losing weight.  I see people passing my house, riding their bikes, running with long strikes, walking with their dogs and purpose.  I think to myself, they’ve got their fitness plan together.  I wish I could be like that…And then I go back to mow my 1/2 acre yard with an 18 inch deck electronic mower for the next four hours.

I guess it’s all in your perspective.