Day 71 – Big Band Sound

Ben and 449 other of his closest friends put together a one-hour combined show as part of the big year-end series of events.

As we work our way down to the final weeks of my youngest son’s high school career, we find ourselves attending school functions with mixed emotions.

A portion of our hearts leap with excitement at the thought that we won’t have to sit on hard bleachers for choir events, or in scorching summer sun for marching band.  Our days won’t require that we work all day and rush to the school to make another event on time.

And yet, a bigger part of our hearts sag under the pain of knowing these are the last events we will ever attend for our own children.  There will be no more school plays.  There are no more choir performances.  There are no more band rehearsals.

Our life is moving into a new phase.  We’re not empty-nesters by any stretch of the imagination but we do have a little more free time just over the horizon.  And we are very happy about that.