Day 74 – College Bound

2013.05.07I just finished another long day of work and driving around the state.  I started my day early with a wonderful walk and ended it by pulling into my house after a couple home visits and a sleep study hook up.  The last visit occurred in the home of a man who smoked Cigarillos during the procedures.  It was charming and now I reek.

But something exciting happened when I walked in the door and started sorting through the mail.

It wasn’t the letter saying that our Auto Insurance rate went up because we added our newest and youngest driver to the plan.  It wasn’t the AARP invitation.  It wasn’t even my dismally underfunded retirement savings summary.

The exciting thing happened when I found the letter from Indiana University East announcing that I’d been accepted to attend classes in the Fall of 2013.  I’m officially an IU student and will begin work on my Bachelor of Science in Communications.

I’m finally going to make something of myself.

There’s only one problem with my plan:  My wife isn’t thrilled about the bunk beds I ordered to go into our dorm room.  I suspect she wanted matching lofts.

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