Day 75 – Weird Day But Good

2013.05.08There is no other way to say it:  Today was weird but good.

I started my morning, not with a walk but with a drive.  I made a trip to Muncie to visit a family member in the hospital.  Together we talked about doctors, medicine, this hospital stay and what future health might look like.  It was a good visit.

From there, I drove to pick up equipment from a patient’s home.

By the time I landed back at my own house, it was early afternoon and I hadn’t even started on anything productive or restful…the two hallmarks of a day off.

After changing into my shorts and grubby shoes, I hit the yard with a vengeance.  I trimmed edges, I mowed thick grass, I shoveled and wheeled mulch.  I glued my side-view mirror back on my car.  I planted Azaleas and my wife’s Mother’s Day gift; a new Lilac bush.

In short, I worked by butt off for seven solid hours.  So, it felt good to finally land on the back porch amidst the fruits of my labor.  I sipped on some Honey Mead and enjoyed the quiet neighborhood and the slowly setting sun.

It was a weird day:  A little family time, a little work drive, and a lot of yard work.  In the end, it turned out just fine, even without the walk to get it started.