Day 76 – 2 miles more.

Taking a walk and coming home…one of the best feelings ever.

My Journey Beyond 50

2013.05.08aToday my Journey advanced two miles.  I started the day with a wonderful walk with my beautiful wife.  The sun was just peaking over the horizon as we powered the 1.75 miles through the neighborhood.  It’s easier to power when you don’t have the dogs by your side.

And so, tonight, after a long day of work, we took the challenge of dog walking.  We went a much shorter distance due to the thunder and threat of rain.  But despite the quick turn-around, we still managed to gather another quarter of a mile.  This gave us a total of two miles for the day.

And that’s my goal.  Every day.  Two miles more.

As we returned to the house, I stopped to take this picture of our front yard and walk way.  If you haven’t read much of my work, you don’t know the love I have for my house…

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