Graduation Gifts Excepted

IMG_3940My youngest will be graduating from high school in a few weeks and in an effort to impress all his friends, we’ve decided to make some major changes in our kitchen.

Okay, it isn’t about impressing anyone.  It’s about taking our house from the 80’s and moving it into the 90’s.

But, we’ve realized that what started as a very minor paint job has now become a very major over-haul.  If we paint these cabinets, we have to paint those cabinets.  If we remove this tile we must replace this counter top.  If we replace this counter top, we must get a new sink (pictured here for a small fortune, hardware not included).

Our local PBS station just finished it’s fund drive and successfully raised a whopping amount of money for radio waves.  Seriously, RADIO WAVES.  I think people want brick and mortar.  That’s why Austin’s Acre is starting it’s first ever Kitchen Remodel Fund Drive!

And so, here’s the pitch:  Please send us money.

It is a great way to support a worthy cause.  For your generous donation, we will put name-plates on each item that you want to fund.  Underwrite a cabinet and get your name handsomely engraved on a small brass plaque prominently displayed, telling everyone that you are a supporter of the remodel.  For $25, you can proudly proclaim that you contributed to a cabinet door.

Feeling extra generous?  Back splash tile can have your name on it for only $100.

For those big hearts and big givers, a generous donation of $250 will get you two feet of counter top and your name engraved for all perpetuity.  We have 10 more feet of counter top to go, so call NOW!

Phone lines are open.  Call today and make your pledge.