Day 81 – A Fresh Coat

I spent the evening priming our cabinet doors.

The kitchen re-model is well underway.  The lower cabinets are looking good and tonight I picked up the sanded doors for the upper cabinets.  A few “touch-up’s” were needed on the frames but the doors were all ready for a fresh coat of tinted primer.

You may have a special way that you paint doors and drawers.  Here at the Austin House, when it comes to primer, we like to paint one side and let them dry and hit the other side another day.  But paint is a different matter.  Paint takes longer to dry.  It takes longer to set up.  It requires patience.  And above all, never, I mean NEVER turn it over and lay it on paper.  You’ll be pealing the newsprint off the surface for weeks.

The secret is little hooks, screwed into the bottom of the door (where no one will see the holes later) and hanging the door on wire stretched across the garage.  This allows the door to dry without coming into contact with paper, dust or dirt.  One coat takes a day or two to dry.  Lightly sand and give it a second coat.  The second coat requires two weeks to set up before you can install the door or drawer.  Otherwise, the surfaces stick together.  When they do that they are no longer called a door.  That’s a wall.

It’s the same with my Journey to 50.  I could power through, wearing plastic garbage bags to sweat off the pounds.  I could accomplish the task of fitness by running that marathon tomorrow.  I could go on a starvation diet.  I could.

But I think it’s important for me to lose weight slowly, that way it’s more likely to stay off.  I think it’s critical that my mind changes along with my body, so I build a life-style and not a fad.  I believe my choices on a daily basis are more important that one-day’s choice.

And so, yesterday I stepped on the scales and found that I was down to 207 pounds.  A gradual, slow decline.  It is much more satisfying, knowing that I’m doing this the right way.  I’m eating less and moving more.  I’m taking breaks and taking walks.  I’m allowing the plan to dry and no longer trying to rush it.  And the end product is going to look great!