Day 83 – Wine Wednesday

2013.05.15Our neighbors enjoy getting together on a regular basis to laugh, talk, eat and participate in cultural events.

They also enjoy wine.

So it was a natural combination to mix the two: Thus we have Wine Wednesdays.

My wife and I have only attended one of these weekly gatherings in the past couple of years.  For one reason, our son always needed a ride to and from youth group.  We usually took advantage of the two hours in between this program to have our own date night which is always more enjoyable when we are alone-together rather than alone with a dozen of our closest neighbors.

But this week, Anita is gone and my son now has his license.  There was nothing keeping me in.  As I watched the neighbors carrying folding chairs and bottles of wine to my neighbor’s home, I decided to join the fun.  I grabbed a bottle of Diamond Collection Claret and made my way across the street.  It was a most enjoyable evening.

The bottom line?  Meet people.  Talk to people.  Stay connected to those who, if not emotionally close, are physically close.  We talked work.  We reviewed gardens.  We laughed about hobbies and we covered health concerns.  We also drank a little wine.  It was time well spent.

Now, I will have to admit that these people get together a lot.  I don’t want to say that they have a drinking problem but I will admit that my wife and I aren’t going to be able fully participate in every Mojito Monday, Tipsy Tuesday, Wine Wednesday, Thursday Thursday and Fuzzy-Navel Friday.  You should see them party on the weekend!