Day 86 – Like a Foreign Language

2013.05.18Today was, to be honest, a fantastic day.  My wife is home from Denver, the yard was mowed the day before, and I ran the first of many prep runs for the Spirit Run 5K in October that I signed up for earlier this week.

To top it all off, my wife and I had a date night of Star Trek and Sushi.

If you ever wanted to be a foreign exchange student but didn’t have the funds for out-of-country-travel, I suggest attending an opening weekend for a movie that has a cult-like following:  Star Wars, Harry Potter, Twilight, or in this case, Star Trek.

We stood in line with people wearing phasers.  We witnessed Klingons enjoying a large tub of popcorn.  We met a professional Klingon translator / webOS Developer.  During the movie, the truly committed (and some of them should be) burst into laughter when the name KAHN!!!! is yelled out.  (This is, of course an homage to Kirk’s later (or earlier) yelling of the same name in a later time but earlier movie).  And, of course, everyone applauded at the conclusion of the film.

2013.05.18aThankfully, those in the theater who came as Enterprise Crew and those who came as Klingons were all able to get along and no one pulled a phaser or a battle axe.  It was a peaceful evening, a wonderful movie and very good sushi.