Day 89 – Hot Times in the Old Car Tonight

2013.05.21As I mentioned in my prior post, this is another accounting of my day, written from the perspective of the entire week.  I’m in the comfort of my back porch on a Saturday morning, reflecting on my Tuesday.  To be honest, it doesn’t look any better from this distance.

After a 13-hour work week on Monday, I was faced with a repeat of the same thing on Tuesday.  The bright spot is that we got started just a little later.  We hit two patient homes in the late morning and finished up around two in the afternoon.  From there, I made another stop in the office and tried to complete some quick work on a big report that is due in July.  I then loaded the car once more and started the 1.5 hour drive to southern Indiana where I would meet with a patient in their home to explain CPAP and how it would benefit them.

The day started cool enough and I was okay with the fact that my air conditioning in the car didn’t work but by late afternoon, driving five hours a day with my windows down was resulting in hearing loss, wind burn and a wicked trucker’s tan.

I stopped by a repair shop and one hour later and $80 lighter, I had cold air blowing from the vents of my 2002 Saturn.  Can I just say that it made the drive home so much better?  And so, arriving at home at 10:15 pm, I wasn’t quite so surly.  Oh, I was tired but I was cool.  And the week started to look better.  At least, it was beginning to look shorter.

Of course, another 11 hours of work and travel prevented me from exercising, eating right or finding my happy place for the day.  Two days in a row without focus.  Two days in a row of nothing but work and sleep.  24 hours of work in two days.  I was ready for a break and that day came on Wednesday.