Day 90 – A Funeral and A Run

2013.05.22Once again, this post about Wednesday is actually being written on Saturday.  The crazy schedule of the week kept me from sitting down for even a few minutes to reflect on my day.

Monday and Tuesday were 24 hours of work.  Wednesday brought a change and an opportunity to focus on something other than my work.

My Uncle Chuck passed away and my aunt asked if I would work with my brother to do the funeral.  Understand, it’s been several years since I officiated a funeral.  In my heyday, I was a funeral master.  I knew just what to say, I spoke to the heart, and I honored the living and the dead without beating anyone over the head with a Bible.  I was good.

And so, on Wednesday, I led the service that said goodbye to my Uncle and tried to offer encouragement and hope to my Aunt and cousin.  It was an emotionally taxing day.

But when we arrived home, I still had the energy to strap on my ear-buds and go for a 1.5 mile run.

As the sun went down on my Wednesday, I could honestly say that this was the best day of my week – so far.  I honored my family, I ate well, and I got in my run.  It was a good day, indeed.