Day 92 – Amazing Amazon

2013.05.24Earlier this week, my father-in-law bragged about the health benefits of Sardines.  He went on and on about his search for the perfect Sardine and getting the best deal on shipping.  In that moment, I pulled out my smart phone, opened the Amazon App, and ordered a dozen cans of Crown Prince Sardines.  For $1 a can, I had free shipping and guaranteed delivery.

I ordered these delicious fish on Wednesday evening.  They arrived on my doorstep today.

What a fantastic way to end my week.  Perfectly packed, in beautiful boxes, these little fishes will provide a tasty meal, whether breakfast, lunch or supper.  They are good tasting and good for you.  I’m so excited.

As for my day, let me say that it was less than stellar.  It was long, frustrating and discouraging.  I screwed up a budget for work, I learned discouraging news about our events in days to come and I struggled to keep positive about life in general.  My wife and I cried together in the evening as we discussed upcoming issues and decisions that must be made.  It was a painful evening.

Thank goodness for the Sardines.  They made the day tolerable.