The Cookie Project

IMG_4068This past weekend I wrote about the need to engage our neighbors.  We must do more than judge them, we must get to know them.  I mentioned that I would be baking some cookies and delivering them to a particularly troubled and troublesome neighbor.

I’ve been asked for an update.  For those of you who think I just write stuff, I thought it would be good for you to see that I really do live out my words.

And so, I baked the cookies, just as I suggested.  I wrapped one dozen of the fresh-from-the-oven goodies and walked over to the neighbor’s home.  I rang the doorbell.  One of the boys answered the door.  I handed the home-made goodness to him and said, “I thought you might like some cookies and so I made these for you.  They’re chocolate chip.”

I smiled my warmest neighborly smile.

He looked at the plate full of home-made goodness, said, “Okay”, and turned around and went inside.

I didn’t get a “Thank you,” a “Sweeet!!” or a “That’s keen, Mister!”  Nothing.  He shut the door and I walked home.

And they kept the plate.

As I mentioned before, it isn’t always a story book ending.

2 thoughts on “The Cookie Project

  1. Hmm. Maybe next time try a, “Hi, Sonny, are you parents home?” And give the cookies directly to the adults. Or maybe there won’t be a next time. At least you tried. Can’t throw every starfish back into the sea – if you get my cliched reference! Goodonya for trying!


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