Day 96 – Dorm Bound

I’m now a Red Wolf!

Several of you have asked for some details concerning my pursuit of another college degree. I don’t want to leave you in suspense any longer.

Beginning July 1 of this year, I’ll start taking classes in pursuit of a Bachelor’s of Science in Communication through Indiana University East.  To that end, I made a trip to Richmond to meet with my adviser and sign up for classes.  It is now official.  I’m enrolled and ready to go!

The school offers an amazing program that allows credits from my prior college degree to apply to many of the electives and preliminary requirements for this degree. Thankfully, I won’t have to take any gym classes or music appreciation.  I will need a math class and a biology lab class because my grades weren’t exactly stellar in my younger years and those classes won’t transfer in.

Funny story:  This year I learned that I won third place (of >7000 entries) in a short story competition for Writer’s Digest.  Unfortunately, my freshman year Ball State English Comp 101 grade was a C-.  It won’t transfer.  I have to take the class again.  I’d better get an “A”.  That’s all I’m saying.

Another funny story:  I’ve been speaking in public (and quite successfully, I might add) since 1981. That’s 32 years of public speaking.  Over those years, I’ve spoken to variety of group sizes, from very small to very big.  I’ve taught a class of four little kids, keynoted for 300 high school kids for a week, and spoken during our Christmas Eve services to nearly 8,000 people.  However, other than my preaching class in seminary, I’ve never taken a public speaking course.  And because of this, I may have to take a Speech 101 class as well.  And I’d better get an “A”.  That’s all I’m saying.

If nothing else, it will drive up my GPA.

As many of you know, In September 2011 I decided to become serious about my writing.  Over the past year and a half, I’ve written a blog about life from my perspective (, a blog of prayers (, a Bible study blog ( and this blog ( I’ve invested many, many hours into my writing and have enjoyed every minute of it. Other than daily blogging my Journey to 50, I may have to reduce my Austin’s Acre posts to once a week and allow my other two blogs to fall by the wayside.

While my art degree in 1987 was taxing, I believe I might have to be a little more serious about my study habits for this go-around.  This degree might require a little more of my time than I’ve allowed in the past.   I see my free time diminishing and my study time increasing.

I’m excited about this part of my journey.   Obviously, I’ll keep you up-to-date with my progress.

In the mean time, its important that I get my school supplies together and get serious about my educational pursuit.  Now, where did I put my bunk beds and kegerator?

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