Day 98 – Vacation

2013.05.30As an adult, I’ve learned that taking a week of vacation doesn’t always mean traveling to exotic beaches, far-away destinations, or remote locations.  It doesn’t even mean day trips to familiar tourist spots and curious corners of the state.

Many times, a week off work is just another way of saying a week of more work.

It’s Thursday and I’m exhausted from the amount of hard work I’ve done here in the house.  I’ve worked harder in the past few days than I do in an entire week at the office.

I’ve mowed the yard, trimmed the bushes, edged the flower beds, deadheaded the flowers, pruned the trees, poured the concrete, laid the sod, and emptied the trash.  I’ve shopped for wood, prepared for black-topping the drive, and watered the flowers.  I’ve hung B-Board.  I’ve installed cabinets.  I’ve painted doors.

And yet, as I look around, there are just as many things that need attention.  There’s baseboard that needs paint, counter tops that require installation, doors that need hung.  There’s a desk that needs cleaned and a cabinet that needs moved.  Baseboard must be nailed in place.  Work tables should be put away.

There’s dusting and sweeping, mopping and polishing.

The work never ends.  Even thinking about all this work makes me tired. And we’ll be doing this work right up to the 9th; the day of Ben’s Graduation Party.  But we won’t even be done with the kitchen at that point. Counter tops, back splash tile and a new faucet await installation. 

I can’t wait to get back to the office where I can take a rest!