Day 99 – All Done But The Shoutin’

Anita, Ben and me pose for one last shot in the high school.
Anita, Ben and I pose for one last shot in the high school.

It was another full day.  I worked on the kitchen in the morning, securing cabinets, creating a false counter to help us survive until the new one arrived, and adding trim, baseboard and another coat of paint.

The new table saw and my pneumatic nail gun made the work go very smoothly.

But the bit news is the ceremony we attended in the evening.  Our youngest son, Benjamin, passed all his classes and was allowed to cross the stage and collect his diploma.

I think Ben was very pleased to know this part of his life was coming to an end.  He has trudged through high school, making the most of his creative opportunities through music and acting but barely surviving the academic portion of the experience.  He loved the people but won’t miss the school.

For our part, we experienced mixed emotions.  We are thrilled that Ben graduated.  We humbled to realize that this is our last child to go through the process.  So very many years ago, as we started this portion of life’s journey, we could have never guessed the face of life at this point in time.

It’s a strange mixture of happiness and sadness.  It’s as if the door to many possibilities has opened, and yet, we know that there are still many things left to do:  The kids need to get out of the house for one.  We have to work through retirement.  We have a house that needs attention, constantly.

But one chapter has ended.  And that is enough for today.

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