Day 101 – Reflections

2013.06.02Because all our family pictures are saved on my computer (because I’m the one who takes the pictures to begin with), I’ve been given charge to create the slide show that will run in the back ground during Ben’s graduation party next Sunday.

This has little exercise has caused me to flip through 18 years worth of pictures and many, many fond memories.

While I could get sappy and dwell on the years that have passed much too quickly and how he’s changed right before our eyes and how I’m gonna miss him when he’s gone, I won’t.

But there was a thought that kept presenting itself with each opened folder and every new picture I found: We had a great time together.

I don’t claim to be Father of the Year.  I don’t believe I’ve lived two days in a row without saying something stupid or reacting in a way that wasn’t hurtful to someone.  But we did do some things right.

We traveled near and far.  We made the most of a weekend.  We exposed our kids to opportunities.  We gave them a voice.  We took them to scenic vistas and far-off places.  We showed them that people of another color, ethnicity or heritage are not enemies.  We helped them understand that people with disadvantages and disabilities deserve love and respect just like anyone else.  We taught them that family matters.  We showed them how to communicate their feelings and think through the problems.

We gave our children a good foundation.  As I sort through thousands of photographs tonight, I can’t help but wonder what they will build on that foundation.