Day 109 – The Perfect Evening

A perfect dinner for a perfect evening.
A perfect dinner for a perfect evening.

If you’ve been reading long, you know that we’ve invested more than a few hours, a lot of blood, and just a few tears in the upkeep of our home.  And to be honest, we’re tired.

And so, last night after throwing a party for our son, we threw our own little party to celebrate our summer, our marriage, and our friendship.

On the way home from work I stopped at the store and picked up a Baguette, some cheeses and a good bottle of wine.  I set out the spread, along with some additional fruit left over from Ben’s party.

When Anita arrived home, we put on comfortable clothes, filled our plates and had a wonderful dinner together.  From there, we retired our neighbor’s home and had a pleasant visit.

It was a wonderful evening and the marker of our new life with children out of school and living real lives.  It marked the point in our lives together when we can enjoy one another.  Sure, the boys showed up and scarfed down the remaining shrimp and most of the Gouda, but we announced that we were retiring to the neighbor’s and would see them at a later time.  Oh, and, clean up before you are done.

It was heaven.

Anita enjoys our neighbor's cat as we visit.
Anita enjoys our neighbor’s cat as we visit.

Now that the push to the Open House is complete, we can take a more leisurely pace about our home projects and spend time with one another, and honestly, on ourselves.

My Journey to 50 has been sidetracked by household projects and 50-hour work weeks.  But now we are back on track.  Starting tomorrow (Day 110), I’ll take time in my day to ride the stationary bike and focus on my food and my progress toward my ultimate goal:  Get down to 180 and get fit.  Only 30 pounds in 255 days.  I can do that.

I can do that.  Especially if my best friend is along for the ride.