Day 112 – How Does Your Garden Grow?

The garden is looking good. Lettuce, carrots, peppers and tomatoes are growing very well.

I am happy to report that today was a EXCELLENT day.  It started when I stepped on the scales and they shouted out that I’m down to 206 lbs!  And this was after breakfast!  I am very excited about this as I am ready to start seeing a change.  I’ve worked hard on so many areas of my life and am determined that this will be one of them.

I laced up my shoes and went for a run.  I covered 2 miles in 25 minutes.  Not exactly record-breaking but it felt pretty good.  However, I now believe my problem with my left knee is not my hamstring but my ACL.  Even though I took my time with the jog, it is still a little tender this evening.  I think I’ll have to give it a little rest and try something not as strenuous.  Perhaps I’ll just ride the stationary bike for a few days and do some other exercising.

I puttered with our garden this morning, trimming the tomatoes, arranging our potted vegetables and pulling the two or three weeds that are growing in the square foot garden we’ve created.  Everything looks very good.  Even though its early June, we’ve harvested a few peas, there are tomatoes on the vine, the cucumbers have flowers, and the lettuce has been feeding us for more than a month.  The onions look fantastic and I believe we’ll have full sized as well as little green onions grace our table this year.

The garden is an amazing thing.  With a little work, we see beautiful results.  We plant the seeds and with some water and warmth, they sprout into living plants that grow and produce fruit all season long.

That’s the idea behind this Journey to 50.  I’m planting seeds of health and wellness in my heart and mind.  I’m tending the soil of my body and soul.  I’m starting to see a healthier attitude spring up and am excited about the end result; not because I’m there, but because the possibility is so obvious.  The fruits of my labor are just around the corner.  Each day I see progress:  A little growth here, a little pruning there, a little weed pulling, a little watering…And soon, very soon, it will be something to be proud of.

How does your garden (body, mind and soul) grow?