Trouble At The Office

Here is a story I wrote in 2004. It is one of the most read stories on Austin’s Acre. Enjoy.

A u s t i n 's A c r e

A word of advice: Do not take your kids with you to work. No matter what the child psychologists say, nothing good can ever come from it. It is a very bad thing.

For instance, when my career was still young I took my even younger son to the office. This was a family-friendly place and children were encouraged to participate. Actually, it was a large church and we ran a small Day Care. I was the Associate Pastor of this particular church and my son attended this particular pre-school. So it was inevitable that the Senior Pastor and my son would meet, no matter how much I tried to prevent this from happening.

Jonathan (His name will not be changed to protect him. He deserves anything he gets.) was three years old. Three-year-olds are adorable. They have just discovered they have a mind and it is a wonderful thing…

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