Day 113 – Have Saw, Will Cut

2013.06.14Today was another for the books.  I stepped on the scales and found that I’d dropped to 205 lbs!  That’s a really good thing.  I think the movement, drinking water and eating less is finally starting to pay off.  That’s five pounds down from my previous 210 in February, before I started this who Journey.

For those faithful readers:  Yes, I know I’ve done this before.  Yes, I know I’ve lost that much and then gained it back.  But the days a ticking and I’ve got a long way to go and a short time to get there (and suddenly I’m singing in my head the fantastic ’70’s classic, East Bound and Down).

Having taken the day off from work, I decided to spend my time doing something that would just be fun and not considered work.  And so I rolled out the table saw and started pulling together pieces of lumber.  Six hours later and I’d created my first Bonsai stand.  I have two other active and healthy plants and will eventually build two more stands that will be staggered and varying heights near this version.  I think I might try to start a fourth Bonsai with a pine later this summer.  If that’s the case, I’ll need to build a fourth stand but it will be a different style and be set in a different area of the yard.

I am anything but a craftsman; the corners don’t all line up and there are gaps in the wood.  I spilled the glue and slopped the paint.  But it was still a fun diversion and that was the goal.

Tomorrow, we visit with family for an early Father’s Day and so it was good to be active without killing myself.

Oh, I also mowed my yard, the neighbor’s yard and I cut down a willow tree in my yard and chopped it into a million pieces.  My kids gave me a grill for Father’s Day but by the time they put it together, it was too dark to get a picture of it. That will have to wait for tomorrow.  Good night.