Day 116 – Pounding the Pavement

2013.06.17Tonight was the perfect evening NOT to go for a run.  It was only 90 degrees and high humidity but I did it anyway.  I pulled on my shorts, plugged in my ear-buds and stretched my Hami.  I tied up my running shoes and started on the journey.  I hit the pavement with tired strides but at least I hit the pavement.

My time wasn’t so good and my distance left a little to be desired but at least I went the distance.

And that’s the point, isn’t it?  Going the distance, pounding the pavement, making strides (no matter how small).

I’m drinking water and gave up diet coke.  I’m eating vegetables and gave up candy bars.

I feel great…tired but great.  I’m on the Journey and will keep pounding until I arrive at my final destination:  50 HERE I COME!!