My Fellow Birders…

IMG_4172[1]I spoke with someone this week who is trying to convince her husband to travel but he seems reluctant.  By what appeared to be a calloused  manipulation of a man’s passion, she’s looking at places she’d like to go, exotic locations in which there is good birding so that he’ll come along.  He loves to bird watch.  She thinks she has the hook she needs.

More importantly for her, she loves tennis and hopes to see every major tennis event in her lifetime.  She’s working hard to combine her love of the game and his love of birds.  For instance, January would be a great month to visit Australia with average temperatures in Sydney close to 80 degrees, perfect birding and the Australian Open just beginning.

Shameful.  As a fellow birder, I’m shocked that she would stoop to this level just to see some tennis. 

On the other hand, that could be some pretty good birding.  His wife gets to watch her tennis.  He gets to spy some amazing life-birds.  It’s all guilt free travel that fulfills life-long desires on both parts.

What’s not to lose?  This is a win-win!  This woman is brilliant.  She should book the flight, dust off her sun dress and polish his binoculars immediately.  Down Under, here they come!


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  1. Do YOU know how many posioness snakes and spiders are in Austrailia? Read Bill Bryson’s In a Sunburned Country and you might laugh and be scared at the same time.


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