Day 118 – Pool Perfect

2013.06.19My name is Curt and I live in a subdivision with a Home Owners’ Association.  There.  I got that off my chest and I feel so much better.

We pay our dues each March and don’t really appreciate the cost until the pool opens on Memorial Day.

For the past few years, my wife and I have made it a habit to visit the pool several times during the week.  After a long day of work, we jump in the crystal blue water and relish in the cool breeze blowing off the reservoir.  We enjoy the view of the boats rushing past pulling skiers and the kids on tubes.  Over the course of the summer, we get good exercise and a pretty descent tan.

And that’s where you would have found us tonight; our first night at the pool this year.  We paddled.  We waded.  We splashed.  And we dipped.  In short, we had a really good time.

Of course, this was after my run of 1.5 miles at a 12 minute pace.  I’m feeling better with each day and each and every run.  And so, the visit to the pool was a perfect way to wrap up my workout on the road.

Tomorrow is another long work day and so I might not get much exercise in but I’ll keep up the water drinking and the positive attitude!  Every day is another step forward on this Journey to 50!