Day 119 – Technology Rules

2013.06.20We have weekly team meetings.  Every week.  For four years.  Anywhere from half-a-dozen to the full egg carton gather together from various locations around the country via phone and video connection.

We discuss the progress of the research.  In some cases, we discuss the lack of progress of the research.  We hammer out details.  We work out plans.  We pour over the data.  We celebrate our successes and bemoan our shortcomings.

But there is one thing that we’ve yet to achieve after nearly 3,000 hours of meetings:  We can’t stop the “off-line” discussions.

It starts as nods to one another.  Then progress to leaning in and whispering.  Then it turn into an entire conversation that happens while the work of the meeting is in process.

Of course, the work stops and we turn to the offenders, as if they are five-years-old and ask, “Gary and Donna (not their real names), do you have something you would like to add to the meeting?”

The answer is always, “No.” and is usually followed by a few moments of embarrassed silence and then a giggle.

I just don’t get it.  We are professional people doing real-world work.  It blows my mind to see grownups acting like children.  And so I usually pout and throw a fit and make a big scene.

It’s always a fun time.

Oh, and on a personal note, I didn’t exercise because 11 hours of my day were spent at work but I did eat very well, drank a gallon of water and stayed away from diet pop.  I’m feeling good about that.