Day 121 – A Moving Moment

2013.06.22Our church has its flaws.  What organization doesn’t?

But it has moments each week that are special.  It has flashes of brilliance that, even after so many years in service and volunteering, make me pause in amazement and wonder.

Tonight, that moment came when Ashlyn and Amanda sang Sara Groves’ song, “Remember Surrender”.  The combination of voices, the lighting, the mood, the band…each one was perfect and it brought a perfect end to a good service.

I’ve been striving for something like this in my day to day life.  I’ve searching for that “perfect end” in each one of my busy days.  I’m looking to achieve a peaceful conclusion before I turn out the light and close my eyes.

And so, I’ll try reading.  I’ll sit in the back yard and listen to the night sounds.  I’ll enjoy a quiet conversation with my wife on the sofa.

It’s difficult some times to discover this type of end.  Sometimes my work day takes me right up to bed time.  Other times, the mosquitoes get the better of me and drive me inside.  Occasionally, my wife is busy doing her own thing and wants to stay up later.

But I know the goal.  I have the ideal in mind.  Sometimes I’m successful.  Sometimes I’m not. But I strive for peace and perfect harmony; something just a little like what I heard tonight.