Day 125 – The Maternity Journey

2013.06.26My friends Brian and Annie are about to have a baby.  I stopped by their home tonight to check on them.  Yes, Annie is ready to have this child out of her body.  Yes, Brian is overwhelmed and often at a loss for words when his hormone-driven, baby-burdened, over-due wife melts down about significant things like breakfast.  Yes, they are completely unprepared for the changes that mini-Hagrid will bring to their lives.

But they are ready to wheel the boy around the neighborhood in the new stroller.  They are ready to put him down in his new crib situated in the gorgeous nursery.  They are ready to place him in the awaiting arms of his older brother and sister.  They are ready for what matters:  They are ready to love this child with all their hearts.

I can’t wait to see this beautiful little boy.  I can’t wait to hug Annie and Brian and celebrate with them when this 9.25-month journey is over.  It will be quite the party.