Day 130 – A Chicken in a Pot

2013.07.01I know, I know…you are tired of seeing my chickens.  And I promise this is the last picture of chicken you will see (until the next time).  But I’ve learned how to make the perfect roasted chicken, whether in the oven or on the grill.

The secret is the internal temperature.  Seriously.  Buy yourself a digital, external thermometer.  Prep your bird using herbs, spices, salt, pepper.  Coat the skin with olive oil, vegetable oil or butter (it really doesn’t matter).  And then shove the probe into the bird’s breast, set the target temp to 174 degrees and then set it and forget it.

Once the thermometer alarms, pull out the bird, cover in foil and wait until the internal temp rises to 180.  Voila!!

I usually drop some carrots and celery stocks in the bottom of the pan to keep the bird from sticking and to provide something as a side but that’s just showing off.

And here is the point of this whole thing:  Life needs a thermometer.  Chicken is easy compared to everything else.  I need a meter that tells me when I’ve said just the right thing…before I say too much.  I need a digital readout of my emotions, my thoughts, my motives.  I need a meter that will alarm when I get angry at stupid stuff.  I need a piece of equipment that lets me know I’m doing just the right thing.  Make one of those, please.


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