Day 131 – In Full Bloom

2013.07.02My back yard has taken on a life of its own.  The day lilies are exploding.  The trees are providing much appreciated shade.  The Prairie Sage is ever-expanding and the butterfly bush is covered with fantastic blooms.

There are a couple butterflies who visit from time to time but I’m amazed at the lack of winged insects who are coming to visit.  To be honest, it is very lonely in the back corner of the yard…at least that’s what my butterfly bush tells me.

Today was a good day.  I ate very well and walked a little.  My knees are giving me fits and keeping me from completing my runs.  A walk with the dog will have to do.

My son inspired me this evening when he came home.  He’s been working very hard to get into shape.  While I sat here at the computer doing my homework, he showed me how he can put his hands on the bottom step of the stairs and his feet up several layers.  He then proceeded to complete 15 push ups.  I think I’ll start on flat ground and try to complete three before I jump right to the step-method.