Day 132 – Onions

2013.07.03My father-in-law gave us a bunch of dried up baby onions earlier this year.  They were wrapped in a rubber band and every time you touched them they would drop papery skins and dust to the floor.

The instructions included with the onion sets said to soak them in water one hour before planting, place into ground, and watch them grow.  Amazingly over the past several weeks, the dried, shriveled up per-pubescent bulbs have come to live.  However, more than just living, these golden garden gifts from the gods have flourished.  They’ve filled their little square and continue to grow, getting bigger with each passing day.

I am amazed.  I am astounded.  I am humbled.

Imagine the number of times in your life when you thought you were done.  You had nothing left to give.  You’ve worked too many hours. You’ve exhausted your emotional bank.  You’ve used up all your mental reserves.  And yet…

Within each creature, there is a reservoir of new life.  There is a glimmer of more.  Like the onion skins that fell to the earth with each handling, our lives often feel completely dry, used up beyond measure.  But there is more there than meets the eye.  There is hope that where we are today does not represent where we will be tomorrow.  Take a moment.  Rest.  Allow the water of hope to cover you.  Take a moment to fill your soul with renewed energy.

The onions speak to me.  They remind me of what I’ve been and what I will be.

And they taste darn good, too.