Day 137 – Monday, Beautiful Monday

2013.07.08I truly believe this will be a summer to remember.  Different from last year, the yard is still lush and green.  The vegetable garden is producing produce without the assistance of daily watering.  The flower beds are exploding with color.  The evening temperatures, even on hot days, are comfortable and pleasant.

I enjoy Mondays, if for no other reason than it is one day of the work week that is done.  I have to work, but you can’t make me enjoy it.

But what I do enjoy is an evening in my back yard.  This past weekend I grilled enough food to get us through the week (if my boys don’t eat like ravenous wolves).  And so tonight, I was able to heat a plate without any fuss or muss.  I ate my dinner and have spent the rest of the evening sitting in my back yard, reading my class book and pulling on a beer.  I know I should go for a walk but peaceful evenings like this don’t come around every week…or every summer, now that I think of it.