Day 144 – Poolside, Again

2013.07.15This was another beautiful but hot day.  And being beside the pool was the perfect way to end it.

While we were there, I noticed that my wife and I waded, paddled, floated and swam.  But kids all around us (mostly boys) jumped, shouted, splashed and dove.  There was a certain energy that was happening at the pool tonight that we’ve not exhibited in many years.

And I started to wonder:  Are we old and tired or are we more mature?  Or is it a combination of both.

I would love to belly-flop off the board, go head-first from the edge of the water, dive for sunken objects.  I would enjoy running full blast into the water and playing Marco-Polo with my eyes shut tight.  But I don’t.  I glide lazily back and forth, from one side wall to the other, covering my squinting eyes with sunglasses and my lily-white skin with lotion.

Okay…let’s admit it.  I’m just old.