Day 147 – Early I Rise

2013.07.18Today was quite full.  Work entailed several meetings and lots of thought-provoking work.

I had a wonderful lunch with tomato and lettuce from our garden on a home-roasted chicken sandwich, some cherries and a few chips.

A few days ago we moved offices and some of my day was spent simply settling into the new space.  We went from a closet to a penthouse.  Two of us shared a small little room but now three of us will stretch out in a space that allows us to turn our chairs without elbowing one another!  It’s made going to work much more of a pleasure.

My wife and I drove into Noblesville this evening and enjoyed a quiet dinner at the Asian Grill.  I had fish soup and a Kingfisher beer and she had the sampler platter.  It was the spiciest food I’ve had in a long time.

I finished my school work for the week and now can hit the books and get ahead before our vacation next week.  I’m thrilled with my progress in the class.  I’ve been able to keep my grade high and believe I’m actually learning something in the process.

In fact, starting back to school has been one of the best decisions I’ve made in a long time.