Day 150 – Quickly it was Sunday

2013.07.21I cannot believe how quickly the weekend flew by.  Friday night was very late.  Saturday was a blur.  Sunday was nothing more than mowing, shopping and cooking.

In a flash it is late in the evening on the last day of the weekend and I’m ready for bed.

It was a fantastic day.  One of the high points for me was making a home-made vege pizza using fresh ingredients from our very own garden.  There is something wonderful about walking out to the beds, pulling up an onion, picking a green pepper, snipping off some oregano and basil and then, within minutes, making them into food that you will consume.

There is nothing better than that.

Our tomatoes are turning red, our egg plants (purple and white) have doubled in size in the last few days.  We’re pulling carrots from time to time and even our peas continue to provide a pod or two.  It truly is amazing to watch the garden grow (with cockle shells and silver bells, etc).